Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Review - 'Get Noticed'

Life, it seems, is unfair. Attempts to level the playing field, to give equal opportunities, to avoid favouritism, are imperfect. Instead we often see the well-connected and the confident succeed, leaving the rest of us to mutter ‘if only’ under our breath.

‘Get Noticed’, by Marcus Taylor and Rob Lawrence, promises to change all that. While it can’t fix the inherent unfairness of life, it can help you to join the ranks of the successful by showing you how to raise your profile and your self-confidence.

This short book won't guarantee that you’ll become a major celebrity in whatever field you choose to play in, but it gives you a strong nudge in the right direction.

It is an essential read for anyone wanting to get better results from their business networking.

Having read it, you surely can’t fail, even subconsciously, to implement some of its strategies. You’re probably using some of them already, without being aware of the impact they’re having on your profile with those around you.

‘Get Noticed’ draws your attention to the attitudes and actions of successful people, and explains how they can also work for you.

The simplest things, such as dressing in a way which makes you feel confident, or learning how to engage in meaningful small talk, can make a huge difference to the way others perceive you.

The book builds on these, showing how ‘getting noticed’ can improve your business prospects and leadership skills, giving you the confidence to succeed in many other areas of your life.

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