Friday, February 24, 2012

Launch of new system for monitoring customer service engagement on Twitter

Consumers now have a new way of measuring the quality of customer service provided by major firms through the Twitter social networking system.

EngagementIndex, which monitors and ranks firms by the quality of their response to tweeted enquiries, has just been launched. It’s the brainchild of Mark Shaw, author of ‘Twitter Your Business’ and Twitter advisor to a number of major organisations.

EngagementIndex will be a help to both consumers and to businesses, large and small, who are using social media for customer service.

By measuring the quality of activity on Twitter and providing rankings, it will become one of the measures by which consumers assess who to buy from. Allowing firms to see how they rank alongside competitors should spur them to improve their service, and provide an indicator of the organisations which deliver best practice.

Passionate about both Twitter and customer service, Mark Shaw has formed EngagementIndex by teaming up with mathematical modelling expert, Chris Arnold. Together they have created an easy to understand method of measuring and scoring social media activity by firms.

“If businesses have shown up on Twitter, they need to do it properly,” said Mark Shaw. “EngagementIndex allows everyone to see how well companies are delivering customer service on Twitter, by monitoring the speed and frequency of their replies to queries and comments.”

Initially, EngagementIndex will be operated for a number of leading firms across a variety of sectors, and it's begun by looking at leading supermarkets. But its principles can be applied to other types of Twitter users, such as celebrities and politicians.

“EngagementIndex is all about measuring quality,” said Mark. “It’s got nothing to do with the number of followers or how long the business has been on Twitter.”

To find out more, visit the EngagementIndex website or follow @EngagementIndex on Twitter.

Update February 2013

It appears that the EngagementIndex is no longer running. Both the website and Twitter account have disappeared.

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