Monday, January 28, 2013

Dorset creative agency achieves top status

Justin Barrow of Supreme
Newly formed Weymouth-based creative and branding agency, Supreme, has won coveted industry recognition, with an award of RAR+ status.

By combining years of professional experience with fresh creative perspective and attention to detail for its clients, Supreme has been awarded a place on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR+). This can only be achieved with positive support from very satisfied clients.
Justin Barrow, Supreme founder and creative director, tells us more about the Recommended Agency Register Award and the agency based here in Dorset.

Q: Can you please explain the RAR status and what it means?
A: It now means that Supreme is an Award Winning Agency, and the RAR+ status, in short, defines Supreme as being highly rated by its clients for the work we have done, how we have performed and the results we have achieved. RAR use the following areas – creativity, innovation, client service, effectiveness, professionalism, strategic thinking ability, value and our ability to deliver on time and on budget.

Q: Is this a unique achievement for a local agency?
A: Absolutely – it's an independent quality mark only given to agencies that meet the high standards RAR+ demands, so yes, as a local agency we are really excited and honoured to have exceeded the required level and be chosen by RAR and our clients to receive this Award. It’s also a great start to our 2013.

Q: And what does this mean for Supreme – how can prospective clients benefit for example?
A: Our existing clients already know how good we are, and the majority of our work comes via recommendations from them. The RAR+ Award means future clients will be in safe, experienced hands. We've worked hard to make a real difference for our clients, and now we have been recognised.

Q: What else sets Supreme apart?
A: We believe a there are two sides to branding: strategy and creative. We do both. We also believe that the strategy informs the creative. The constant checking throughout the process enables us to fine-tune our approach and deliver people the most robust, future-proof solutions. We believe we’re developing our trade by putting the hours in, and we also collaborate with other leading professionals to fulfil all our clients’ needs. And of course, we’re also local and have ability proven by our recent Award.
The Supreme creative hub
Q: So, in your opinion, why should a business spend out on branding and design?
A: We believe a company or brand is not simply a logo, a brand is not just a corporate identity system – it's more than that, it’s a person’s gut feeling about your product, your service or company. Because it depends on others for its existence, it is not what you say it is – it's what they say it is.

The foundation of brand is trust, so customers trust your brand when their experiences consistently meet or beat their expectations. In order to make that relationship you need creative people with experience – we have over 15 years in design, branding and management on projects of all sizes and budgets, and we want to work with people who believe that the status quo is not enough, that great work matters and it can affect the ‘who you are’ that differentiation brings to branding.

You can find out more about Supreme at and about RAR+ at

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