Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does Your Business Blog? does it. Laithwaites, who manage the Sunday Times Wine Club, do it. O2, who brought the iPhone to the UK, do it. They all blog.

But there are plenty of businesses who don't. I first wrote about this last week, in my post Why Your Business Needs to Blog.

The subject appealed to me, both as a writer and as someone running a small business. I wrote an article on the subject for, which generated some positive feedback from their editors and a request for a follow-up.

So I'm digging deeper into the subject and I want to hear from businesses who blog. I want to know why they do it and whether it's meeting any expectations they might have from it. Is it part of a marketing strategy, or just a form of self-expression?

I'd love to hear from businesses that have tried blogging and stopped. Why? Lack of enthusiasm, pressure of time, or absence of tangible results?

I'll also talk to businesses who don't blog, either because they've decided not to, or because it hasn't made its way onto their agenda.

I've use the word 'business' a good deal here. However, the same principles apply to any organization, or even sub-set of an organization. Everyone has customers - the people they serve - and a blog is one way to engage with them. So whatever line of work you are in, if you've got a view on business blogs, please send me your contact details via email.

I believe that the value of blogs has been misunderstood by many in business. They haven't spotted the potential for creating high value content relatively easily in a way that will attract the search engines. I think it's a great way, particularly for small businesses, to increase their visibility to the online audience.

But perhaps I'm wrong. There are lots of stats out there about the number of blogs and how many people read them. But I want to hear real stories from real people.

Andrew Knowles is a freelance writer.

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