Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Freelance Workers Offer Resource Solution

Do you have an occasional need to hire a freelance specialist for a short project?

Such as tweaking your website or writing some sharp marketing blurb?

When I say 'short project' I mean tiny- something that might cost a couple of hundred pounds or less because it can be completed in under than a day.

It used to be tricky to hire people for such tiny pieces of work. You might have been able to call on a freelance worker you knew, but even then getting someone in for less than a day's work was awkward, and they were unlikely to be available immediately.

The internet has changed all this. There's a growing pool of freelance workers based across the UK, and across the world, who are keen for work. They're very happy to pick up these tiny projects and they deliver results within days, sometimes hours.

The internet has made it easy to find these freelancers. Sites such as Freelancer (formerly GetAFreelancer) or UK-based PeoplePerHour let you post your project, receive bids from freelancers, and make your choice of who to use. The sites charge small fees, but once you've made contact with someone reliable you can continue to work with them directly.

The variety of skills and services available on these sites is enormous. Beyond web development and copywriting you can also hire sales specialists, bookkeepers, photographers, administrators, trainers and more. PeoplePerHour claims to have nearly 34,000 freelancers registered, most of whom work on short projects valued around a couple of hundred pounds.

So next time you need some specialist help consider using one of these sites to find a freelance worker. You may discover it's a cost-effective solution that delivers exactly what you need.

Andrew Knowles is a freelance copywriter.


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