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We love to publish inspirational and informational business stories from Dorset.

We particularly like stories about:

- Business start-ups in Dorset.
- Winning business awards.
- Anniversaries, showing that Dorset companies are standing the test of time.
- Breakthrough events, such as getting substantially bigger, moving from local to regional, creating major new products and anything else you consider really significant for your business.

To get in touch with us, click here to send an email.

Please contact us before submitting a post. We don't want you to spend hours creating a masterpiece that doesn't fit our editorial criteria. These are:

1. It must be of interest to business owners and managers in Dorset. If you're offering a nationwide service, there needs to be a clear Dorset connection. We get lots of enquiries from people offering generic articles about generic services.

2. Not too salesy. (We reserve the right to edit).

3. Around 400 words maximum.

We can also supply a post for your blog, if you'd like that. Just ask.

If you're on Twitter, you can follow us as @biz_oh, and we also have a Facebook and Google+ page.

Bizoh is a managed by Dorset copywriter and social media consultant Andrew Knowles, based in Weymouth.

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